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Meaningful Connectivity in Refugee Camps

International Telecommunications Union defines meaningful digital connectivity as that which “allows users to have a safe, satisfying, enriching, and productive online experience at an affordable cost.” Oftentimes, discussion has leaned on “universal connectivity” while neglecting “meaningful connectivity”. To exacerbate the situation, the latter has been misunderstood. For example, meaningful connectivity… Read More »Meaningful Connectivity in Refugee Camps

Championing last mile connectivity: Association of Community Networks in Kenya

Bridging the digital divide in Kenya requires a collective effort, starting with innovative, adaptive, and inclusive policy regulations, collaboration amongst industry players, organizational management, and institutional funding. Locally, community networks have proven to be a vital means for bridging the digital divide. They are decentralized, community-owned, and community-operated telecommunication infrastructures… Read More »Championing last mile connectivity: Association of Community Networks in Kenya

Our Model

Our scholars are between 18 and 30 years old and are refugees, orphans, street children, former child soldiers, former inmates, former prostitutes, or young people from other marginalized and poor backgrounds in the host community. They have dropped out of school and society has labelled them “useless“.  We have proven… Read More »Our Model

Our History: Blaise Amani

The Global Innovation Valley (GIV) story started in 2019. Blaise Amani (our founder) after graduating from the Business Administration department of Customs and Excise had to go to Kenya, due to the ongoing violence and political instability that happened in his home country DRC. As a result, he became a… Read More »Our History: Blaise Amani