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About Us

Agents of Change in Marginalized Communities

At Global Innovation Valley, we seek to create a vibrant community where self-organization, connectivity, sustainability, and independence thrive, empowering all individuals to be proactive agents of positive change, shaping a brighter future.

Our Values

— 01

Growth and Achievement

This manifest in various ways, such as empowerment training, stepping out of comfort zones, mentorship, coaching, and our GIV scholars earning prestigious international awards.

— 02

Equality, Community, & Teamwork

We witness and experience this through activities like communal cleaning, resource-sharing, collaborating in Circles and teams, and acknowledging each other during morning gatherings.

— 03

Trust & Transparency

Trust and transparency are evident through methods such as individual peer-to-peer sessions, morning meeting announcements, financial processes openness, Friday progress reports, and tactical project update meetings.

— 04

Self-organization & Freesponsibility

Self-Organization and Freesponsibility are exemplified by GIV members crafting their schedules and taking on roles within Holacracy, a system where authority is evenly spread. Embrace accountability and ownership for your decisions!

— 05


Innovation is evident through initiatives like future upcycling, such as creating eggshell terrazzo, and birthing of innovative enterprises. Unleash your creativity and devise solutions! Begin with what you have, no matter how small.

Our Programs

We recognize the urgent need to address the pressing challenges refugees and marginalized youth face in Turkana West, Kenya. Our comprehensive programs and initiatives aim to empower individuals, foster community resilience, and create pathways to economic empowerment and social cohesion.

Connectivity & Digital Inclusion

Access to information and opportunities through connectivity and digital literacy skills.

Community Resilience & Peace Building

Foster resilient communities capable of self-management and conflict resolution.

Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Empower young refugees and disadvantaged youth to become entrepreneurs and job creators.

Education & Skills Development

Provide access to education and skill development opportunities.

Our Leadership Team

Blaise Amani

Operations Lead

Freddy Mukangaza

Empowerment Lead

Amina Amir

Events Organizer