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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to ignite transformation in marginalized communities and refugee camps. Ensuring that even the last mile is connected to opportunities, transforming lives and communities to prosperity and resilience.

We envision a dynamic community where self-organization, connectivity, sustainability, and independence reign supreme. Here, everyone is not just a participant but an active agent of change, seizing every opportunity to thrive and shape a brighter future.

Connectivity & Digital Inclusion
Entrepreneurship Empowerment
Peace Building & Resilience
Skills Development
No Donation is too Small...

We firmly believe that no donation is too small to make a difference. Whether it’s a one-time gift or a recurring contribution, every act of generosity helps us further our mission and impact lives.

Your support fuels our efforts to empower individuals, foster community resilience, and create pathways to economic empowerment and social cohesion. Join us in this noble course and let’s build a brighter future for all.

Connectivity and Digital Inclusion

We are vital in bridging the connectivity gap within marginalized communities, including refugee camps. Our “We Are All Connected” initiative provides ICT and digital skills training to young refugees and facilitates internet access in schools and public areas.

By extending internet connectivity to the last mile in Kakuma Refugee Camp and Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement, we empower marginalized communities and create more job opportunities for young disadvantaged individuals.

Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment

Our Youth Empowerment Program is designed to provide education and entrepreneurship training to refugees, school dropouts, and marginalized youth from the host community.

Since our inception, we have empowered 300 young people, facilitated the creation of 60 jobs by refugees, and established 10 enterprises, sparking the development of over 50 innovative ideas.

Community Resilience and Peace-Building

Our community-building initiatives empower residents to become self-reliant problem solvers and peace advocates. By promoting peace and co-existence in refugee camps and marginalized areas, we create a sustainable and independent community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

Our innovative peace-building model includes training in non-violent communication techniques.