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Join Our Digital Literacy Program

Do you want to launch or take your career to the next level using relevant digital skills? Join our digital literacy program that is designed to help you achieve just that. Apply using the link below to join the program.

Why Join Our Program

Equip yourself with market-relevant Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that will help launch and catapult your career to greater heights. The program targets refugees and the host community members.

Our program is meant to equip our scholars with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to a) identify and solve problems in the community through entrepreneurship, b) make a living by offering digital services at a fee as digital freelancers or employees, and c) discover their strengths and advance their skills in those areas.

Our curriculum also incorporates non-technical skills that assist our learners in developing into holistic leaders for themselves and the community at large. The scholars will learn about financial literacy, professional and personal development, and business and entrepreneurship.

Our Modules

Introduction to Computers

This module gives trainees an overview of how computers work, the components of a computer system, and the historical evolution of computers.

Software Applications

This module introduces trainees to essential software applications, including Microsoft Office and Google Suite, and their impact on the workplace and education.

Computer Hardware

This module provides an overview of the basic functions of computer hardware, architecture, storage, and performance systems. Trainees will also learn about networking.

Internet Navigation

This module introduces trainees to web browsing and online transaction best practices and the effective use of search engines to get information.

Computer Programming

This module introduces trainees to popular computer programming languages, syntaxes, algorithmic thinking, debugging, and ethical coding practices.

Graphic Design

This module provides the trainees with all the necessary principles of design, including color theory, logo design, image editing, and typography.

Do You Have a Question?

We are here to answer all your questions related to the digital literacy program. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns that you may want to be addressed before you decide to join our 3-month intensive ICT training program.